Hassle Free Setup
Set all the terms, design and launch with minimal IT upheaval.
Increased Sharing
Maximize the buzz with a full suite of easy to use social sharing tools.
Metrics Driven
Segmented tracking reports to refine and maximize ROI.
Daily Deal Promotions on Your Site in a Flash

NextBee has the infrastructure and experience to incorporate the attention grabbing dynamics of flash deals directly into your marketing efforts. Our technology allows you to offer time sensitive deals on your products or services to create a sense of urgency in your customers, giving them that extra bit of incentive to return to your store and share your deals with their friends.

Whether you want to draw instant attention to a new product, quickly sell out-of-season or excess inventory, gather new leads, or generate buzz; NextBee's flexible platform lets you control all the parameters - offer time period, discount, caps on maximum number of deals sold, promo channel and sharing options - to build flash deals tailored to your marketing goals.

NextBee will be there every step of the way from design and setup, through launch and tracking. Based on your preferences, we will build everything needed for your program in 3 to 4 weeks, keeping you updated throughout. Then, we will send you easy to follow setup instructions that your team will only need a couple of hours to integrate.

Make your flashdeals a new component of how users experience your brand with NextBee's flexible integration solutions. Place a widget on your homepage with a clock ticking down and a powerful call to action - "One Day Deals" or "Don't Miss Out" - that directs visitors to a landing page displaying all the details of your flash deal - information about the product, reviews, how much time is left before the deal expires, how many people have taken advantage of the deal and how much stock is left. You can sell one product at a time until it sells out, or run multiple deals simultaneously.

Integrated into your Facebook page, flash deals can drive social buzz as well as sales. We can put your deal behind enticing Fan-Gate pages that require users to Like your page before accessing the deal. Once they Like your brand and take advantage of your deal, a message will be automatically posted to their wall - and show up in their friend's news feeds - about the great deal they just got.

Flashdeals are ideal for attracting foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar establishment and NextBee has all the tools to get the attention of local customers through their mobile devices. Send SMS blasts to users with a time-limited deal - "Come in before 5:00PM, get 20% off one full priced item!" - for an immediate traffic boost on slow days. With our platform, it's easy to compose and send text coupons with discount codes to your entire list, or segment your list for highly targeted messages to specific groups.

Our comprehensive suite of sharing tools makes it easy for customers to spread the word about your flash deals for increased referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. Integrated into your order confirmation pages, post-purchase sharing buttons allow users to share messages about the deal they just received, and how much time is left before it expires, across their social circles with just one click. Provide unique referral codes to users and reward them with loyalty points, coupons or prizes every time one of their friends makes a purchase by following their link.

Leverage the attention your flash deals generate to catalyze all of your marketing efforts with tiered rewards and gamification modules: reward users with a smaller number of points if they get five friends to sign up for flash deal notifications, more points if the people they refer purchase a regular priced item and more still; every time the person they referred refers someone else to the program. With leader boards in your customer area, users can easily keep track of their points and referral rewards, turning what might have originally been a casual visitor who couldn't resist one of your flash deals, into a repeat customer and active brand advocate.

Detailed Tracking

Behind the scenes, NextBee's software tracks every detail of your daily deals and sharing, giving you an abundance of metrics to measure results. Our dashboards let you segment users based on tags and view reports by:

  • Activity Levels
  • Landing Page
  • Rewards
  • Referral Channel
  • the list goes on...

This allows you to optimize your program quickly and achieve the results you desire. Furthermore, if there is ever a specific report you need that isn't in our standard list of reports, simply send a message to your account manager and they'll get if out to you right away.

NextBee is relentlessly focused on user experience, customer service and comprehensive reporting because we want nothing more than for your rewards program to be a resounding, ROI positive success that brings monetized reach and brand awareness you can't match anywhere else.

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